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Thread: So I wore to class

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    Default So I wore to class

    It was cool, nothing special really, as no one noticed. It's a really different experience going around your business knowing you have a diaper on, really made me feel like a baby, which I liked. Definately something to do again.

    Tomorrow I will be buying some attends with an AB friend, and hopefully we can change each other afterwards. Then I'm going to an AB munch that evening. I will meet lots of fellow ABs and DLs. It'll be a blast.

    Then in May I'm invited to an AB birthday party, I can't wait!

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    Congrats...I've worn to school a few times...Some people act like it's such a big deal and that it's super risky, but it's really not that bad

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    Congragulations! I just did that a few days ago! It's fun!

    Anyways it seems like you have a lot of AB/Dls that live around you.

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    baby kiffer


    Sounded fun...

    But weren't you nervous the whole time???

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    Yeah, it's no big deal. Fun though! Glad you enjoyed it dude, and good luck with all your future escapades!

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    Awesome, wearing out is always fun, I love it, especially when I'm wearing a diaper that could be more easily noticed (I.e, abena, bambino..). It's such a fun rush.

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