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    Today I was roaming around cruising for some diapers and was in Rite Aid when I saw that their store brand "Tugaboos" were on sale for only $6.99 (USD) so I grabbed a pack of the size 6 as I am sometimes lucky enough to squeeze into them and then a pack of some 4T-5T Huggies Pull-Ups thinking if the diapers didn't fit I could at least use them as a stuffer or something and lone behold I just tried one on and they are actually probably the best fitting baby diaper I've tried. They are holding a smallish pee just fine and the stretchy sides seem to stretch and fit just fine without having to be stapled or anything. I thought when I bought them that since they were cheap and just Rite Aid brand that they would stink and not be stretchy but I'm pleasantly surprised at how well they actually fit. Just thought I'd let the lucky ones who can still wear a size 6 know

    -Baby Toby

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    Rite Aid is where I go for pull ups. What's your waist size? With any luck maybe I can get some of these next time I head there.

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    About a 30-31" you can't stretch to the max or they won't stay but if you just put the velcro close to the edge then it stays really well.

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    Hmm, I don't think the Rite-Aids in my area have that brand name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annierighthurr View Post
    Hmm, I don't think the Rite-Aids in my area have that brand name.
    I'm pretty sure it's a Rite-Aid brand. Check your local ads to see if they're in there. I think they may be newish although in traveling around I've seen three different names for the same diapers. I think they may be made then sold to chain stores to market as their own diapers.

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