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Thread: Found my home at last!!

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    Default Found my home at last!!

    Hello people of the adisc forums!!!!

    Well i finally made it here at last, taken me 18 years LOL

    Im not too sure where i fit in with all these titles like AB and DL and babyfur??? Hopefully i fill find out after a little while and get to know all of you, you seem like such interesting people with all one common interest!!

    please dont be shy with my, im really nice and easy going so say hello to me!!

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    AB - Teen/Adult Baby. If you're an infantilist, you're most likely here.
    DL - Just like the diapers? Well, here you are.
    Babyfur - Why a baby furry, of course!

    Anyways, welcome to ADISC, enjoy your stay. Cake is to the left.

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    Hey yea im kinda in the same boat as you are. trying to figure it all out and stuff. So yea we should keep in touch because i would like meet one person on this site.

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    Bonjour and welcome to ADISC. Enjoy your stay.
    Im sure once you get to know the forum and the people here. You will get to know your interests better.

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    Yay For perth, it seems more and more people from perth are joining adisc ttell the world a bit about yourself? hobbies and interests?

    Your from perth . north or south of the river?

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    thanks for the welcom guys looks like a really friendly place here..

    hobbies... hmm well im trying to balance full time work with full time study at the moment, so i dont have much time for anything hahah!!
    in my spare time i like to try my hand at DJ'n, listen to music, love my car, im always spending money on car :P

    interests include all the latest technology (no im not a nerd haha just like cool stuff!), i like reading fav authors are dan brown, matthew reiley, clive cussler etc.. music i like rock, dance, trance, techno, actually ill listen to just about anything!!!

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    oh sorry snaps,
    im kinda sor, i live near south perth so kinda round the city...

    im moving shortly though so that will be good

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