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Thread: Acceptance, Understanding, Living, As A Diaper Lover

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    Default Acceptance, Understanding, Living, As A Diaper Lover

    My Name is Quinn

    I have come to understand that i am an Diaper lover. I am now trying to get information and learn as much as i can about who i am and about the rest of my fellow DL'S

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    My Name is Quinn I am 20 years old.

    I am starting to accept that i am a diaper lover. I have noticed this ever since i was eleven years old. Nobody but me know that i have this problem. It makes me happy so why should i be Asshiamed

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    Hi Quinn, I'm snaps congratulations on finding out an somewhat accepting your diaper feelings.

    There is nothing to be ashamed about having these feelings, this website is showing you that there is a lot of us that share this feeling with you

    You should also make a proper introduction thread in the greetings/introduction forum so we can get to know you

    don't worry, we are accepting and don't judge


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    I think you have come to the right place. All of us here are too.

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    Hi Oneeye and welcome to the site. I think almost every one of us would say the same thing, that we had a lot of trouble accepting this in ourselves. It's such a strange fixation, and acting like a baby when one is trying to find their identity as an emerging adult is never easy.

    I grew up poor in some tough neighborhoods. I had to fight my way from day to day. I felt that I had to be tough, yet here was this other side of me, the side that wanted to feel like a baby. It took a long time to achieve self acceptance. This site really helps. It may be the sole most sane site that deals specifically with diaper wearers. There's now 10,000 of us on adisc, and many many more throughout the world. You are not alone.

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