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Thread: What are the best plastic pants?

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    Default What are the best plastic pants?

    I've heard the Leakmaster Deluxe is pretty good, but I was wondering if it's maybe to bulky to wear to school. So what is the least bulky and noisy but most leak-proof plastic/vinyl pant? It could be plain or printed and I prefer high back because I sometimes use CVS generic diapers and the backing goes up to about the middle of my back (for those of you who have worn them you know what I'm talking about).
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    I hear good things about leakmasters but I have never used them, I have and use Garys, I like the snap fronts because they are easy to dry and change if you need to.

    They are a bit pricey also, and they are noisy when you first put them on, but get quiet as they warm up.

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    I like Suprimas, which are a pricey German brand they last forever. You can get them in the US from B4NS.

    But the Gary pants are really good too, and they make nice locking and rhumba panties

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    I ordered the Leakmaster Deluxe with priority mail shipping. I also tried to order some training pants from The Adult Baby Shop but I had to set up a Paypal account, which I did, and register a credit card, Vanilla Visa Gift Card, but now it won't let me complete that transaction because that card cannot be used to complete the transaction, or add funds from the card. For verification of the card, it charged $1.95 to it, but put it back in my account. I wonder if Green Dot moneypak can be used to solve this. I seriously cried wen I learned this.

    I think I'll just get a swim diaper or different styles of plastic pants. (I'm still crying)
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    I use Leakmaster high backs and they are great. They last me about a year. They are very soft and make little noise. I have a 30/32 inch waist, so I order small, if that helps.

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    Default Plastic pants

    I use AB Universe plastic pants which I think are the best.The ultimate part of these pants is the ultra soft and smooth plastic that feels soooo good! The plastic pants are reversible with a soft flannel cotton lining on one side and the smoooth poly plastic on the other. Cute baby prints on the cloth side, oooh so good.
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