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Thread: How do I get over...

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    Default How do I get over...

    the hot and sticky feeling of a diaper in the spring and summer? Each year I deal with it but, if anyone knows anything that might help... please share.

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    I've been at this for some time but I don't know that there's a fix for it. When it's hot, I want to wear less often. Thankfully, I don't wear out of need so if I'm not comfortable I don't have to do it.

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    I understand that feeling, but since I really don't wear a lot I can bypass this feeling. Can't fight the body's cooling method when it gets hot. Can't baby powder help? It makes sense?

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    Baby powder is very useful for this. I find that it especially helps when applied around where the leg gathers are.

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    that is my favorite feeling why would I want it gone, I never use powder just to have the feeling I love.

    Hot and sticky I like my weather that way also....

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    Baby powder usually works. I used to have to wear 24/7 and baby powder definitely helped during the warm days.

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    Air conditioning..... Which I lack...
    Or try something breathable, of course those would be less protective though.

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    I'd say try the molicare supers with the breathable side panels. They are plenty absorbent and still have the nice soft plastic front to rear, but the wings are far more breathable in hot weather. Doesn't give you that sweaty, itchy feeling around your hips.

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    You could try wearing 2 nappies and putting an ice pack between the first and second nappy.
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