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Thread: psp cfw

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    Default psp cfw

    heya. i started a cfw team about 2 months ago and wanted to know if anyone here uses a hacked psp with custom firmware ( oe, m33, gen, etc)

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    i have a hacked psp 5.03 gen-c

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    im guessing a psp 3k? head on over to our site for info on the team

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    psp 2000 with v3 mobo, running cfw 5.00-m33 (ty hellcat's recovery flasher..)

    mostly for running psxpsp images, and some other homebrew apps ^-^

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    recov flasher is a godsend. we (team eld) got it runnin on 5.50 thru 6.20 ofw thru a new exploit by wololo

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    well a psp 3k is on its way to a hack! gettin there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hex View Post
    I have the fat PSP on 5.50 GEN something something.
    you mean cfw 5.5- gen d3

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamuelDeschaine View Post
    my personal runs 5.50 ELD devved by me and my team
    wait what? ive never heard of ELD

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