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    So tomorrow I am having a colonoscopy done. So today I am on a clear liquid diet and tonight I have to take the medication to clean me out. My wife does not know about my love for diapers, even though I know one day I will tell her. However, yesterday while we were at the store getting all the clear liquid foods that I could eat we walked past the incontinence section and I told her that I had read online that people doing the colonoscopy prep had suggested wearing some protection (that is really the truth). She surprisingly chimed right in that I should get a package then so that we would be prepared and wouldn't ruin any underwear. So I got to buy a package of Depend Underwear for Men (sometimes you have to take what you can get) and am getting ready to go put one of for the night. I think I will wear at least till time to leave in the morning.

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    Well I hope the colonoscopy goes well for you. Its pretty lucky that you "have" to wear protection, but hopefully this test can help you in the long run. Good Luck!

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    I have had a few colonoscopys, they were times when I wished I had a diaper on, I barely made it to the dr's office the first time.

    Now they give you a different clean out than I had the first time this one is not as bad, I suppose you got Mirolax (spelling) they don't do the harsh one I had just 5 years ago.

    Nothing to them, you be out before you know whats happening to you and finished, the one thing that ticked me off is they would let me drive there, I have had 2 and could drive after them no problem.

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    Well I am in the middle of the clean out right now and I can tell you that the diapers were a good idea. The process isn't painful or all that uncomfortable, but sometimes I find that I am leaking a bit before I realize it.

    I am using a solution called HalfLytely. It required me to drink 2 liters of a solution, 8 ounces at a time, every 15 minutes.

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    I'm due for my first butt scoping this year...I've heard it's easy but you crap your brains out when you take the stuff... Could be interesting I'm sure...but for me I just want to get it over with.


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    The worst part of the whole ordeal was after I woke back up I had terrible stomach pain from the gas that they had inflated my colon with. I had to pass it for the pain to subside and it was difficult to do for some reason. Other than that it wasn't at all bad because I don't remember any of it.

    They didn't find anything obvious, but took some biopsies to check them out. I've been having a lot of irregularity for some reason.

    Anyways. I wore Depends Underwear for Men which was good in this situation because I needed to be able to take them off quickly during the clean out. I wore them all day the Sunday before, wore them to bed Sunday night, I wore them during the hour and a half drive to the hospital where they did the colonoscopy where I had to take my clothes off and put a gown on. Then when I woke back up I had brought a fresh diaper in my bag and my wife slipped that on me and helped me get my clothes back on for the ride home. When I got back home I changed into a fresh diaper and hung out the rest of the day in one, then wore one to bed that night. Sleeping next to my wife in nothing but a diaper was a nice experience. And as I told my wife the next morning I woke up the two mornings that I had slept diapered the most refreshed I had felt in years.

    That next morning I was still passing some blood so I wore a diaper that day and that night before finally deciding that it was time to stop once I was not passing anymore blood. The half empty package of diapers is still sitting in the bedroom floor and that is kind of weird for me. I keep walking in there and thinking I have left something out.

    I have to say that if anyone has to have a colonoscopy you might as well make the experience a little better and wear diapers, because if you don't you are gonna wish you would have anyways.

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    I was lucky for mine (your probably now thinking "your 19 wtf") that i got "Osmoprep" I guess being so young there wasn't much nasty build up in there so it wasn't epic bad however i almost made a mess out of the gurney right before i went in. That prep was also really good since i really didn't have to start it till later on the day before. On a side note what they say is true, what goes in must come out.... god did i regret eating dinner before that.

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    I ate very lightly on the Saturday before the clean out on Sunday. That seemed to help.

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