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Thread: How many diapers do you use in a day

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    Smile How many diapers do you use in a day

    I just switched to Abena x-plus diapers and I use 3 a day I try to change every six hours. then once before bed so I use 3 a day.
    I added it up and found I use 1092 diapers a year if I only use 3 a day. and if I wear 24/7

    How many do you use??????

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    I use just 1, after it stars leaking past my plastic pants I'm finished for the day, if I use a quality diaper it lasts longer so I get more diaper time, if I add stuffers I get a little more time to enjoy my diaper.

    I rarely use over 1 a day, but I have felt the need so usually switch to a cloth for the 2nd.

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    1-5 is normal for me. I rarely go a day without wearing at least 1 diaper.

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    I use three to four each day not including the nighttime diaper which is usually just one.

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    My diaper seems to last all day (cushies) including overnight, so 1 maybe 2 if messy, and 24/7

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    I use 4 if it's a diaper day, but i'm a bedwetter so I use at least 1 per day, which is an overnight diaper.

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    any where from 3-8 diapers really depends on diaper I am wearing, what i am doind and how much intake

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    As sgtfrotin2004 said, it all depends on what is going on, how much intake I have, how much spicy foods I eat. If I am using good diapers like Abena XPLUS or Secure XPLUS it's one at night and two sometimes three during the day. If I am using cheap diapers, I have gone through 6 to 8 in a day not counting the night time.

    To answer this will be different for all of us depending on how often we want to change, if we have to wear 24/7, and many other factors.

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    how much is that 1000 diapers? its like ur spending alot of money! i would sometimes use a towel diaper but just started now because i figured it out!

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