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Thread: My package arrived!

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    Default My package arrived!

    I just had to share my story of joy!!! So I was leaving for class today, in the morning and I noticed there was a big package on my steps! So I knew right away it was by Abena Small Xplus's from XP Medical! I got home a couple of hours ago, and tried them on and I absolutely love them! They are so smooth on the outside and so soft on the inside! Plus even better they are like my perfect size, I do not have to fold/roll down the tops under my pants/boxers like I did on the medium molicare supers. Plus it fits nice and snug between the legs.

    I just wet it for the second time and it still has not leaked! That is not a surprise though, I knew they had superior absorbancy of course. This just made my day! Good thing cause I was feeling pretty down this morning, but its all good now!

    So to anyone who is looking for a new diaper to try online, then I HIGHLY suggest trying Abena Xplus's, and using XP Medical if you live in the US. If I have enough money next week I am going to try the 24/7's though because they look fantastitic.

    Oh yeah another note, these abenas are not that crinkley. Plus thick, but not too thick. So over this makes the diaper pretty discreet along with ll the other great features!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    Plus thick, but not too thick
    Now I haven't tried the new 24/7 diapers people are raving about, but Abenas are the thickest diapers I've worn to date.

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    The X-plus is a nice product... for sure. They'll swell up nice and thick once you get some wetting in them.

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    I love Abena's. The X-Plus is pretty cool but I normally just wear the Supers. They are fairly thin but still hold a lot. Wear them to class all the time

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    nice! i havent tried abenas (too expensive) but want too soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    The X-plus is a nice product... for sure. They'll swell up nice and thick once you get some wetting in them.
    I still have yet to make one leak, that is my goal tonight, but i do not think I will make it tonight because I am getting mighty tired.

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    Are the X-pluses the ones with the weird fastening system...I ordered some of those from xp medical a couple of years back and really liked them. Now that I think about it, I think those are the abriforms. But regardless, abenas are really really nice and thick, and I like that they're white and not purple or green.

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    ya, i wear abena supers...exactly like he said..."thick, but not that thick", making them the ultimate diaper to wear in public. They've been my diaper of choice for a couple months now, but i'm definently getting my butt into some of those Dry24/7's, Those look good.

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    Small, eh? What waist-size are you?

    I have a slight feeling I could sneak myself into some smalls. As with all the diapers I've gotten before, the mediums *can* sit a bit loose on me, not to mention they rise up fairly high! If it were meant to be discreet, I don't think a high-rising diaper is the right size for me.

    So yeah, that'd be some helpful information for my behalf. ~_~

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