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    Alright, well here's a background here. I got laid off back in november from my job at a landscape supply store, b/c the season ended. I told the owner and the manager that I really wanted to work there again next season, they told me "alright, we will hire you back next season". I checked back at the store throughout the winter twice just as a friendly reminder that I wanted to work there again and again the answer was ya we will hire you back. A family friend of mine, who is also like best friends with the owner he even told me that the owner said I was going to come back next season.

    So, my dad says I should go back there again and tell them that I want to work there again. Would this be a good idea? I get the feeling that I am being like "pushy", but that is also how you get things done in the business world. I just feel akward going in there again and asking for the same thing, should I?

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    Yes, go and talk to the owner again.
    It's not pushy, it's initiative.
    The owner has a lot on his mind in the spring when the season is getting started, and you may have slipped his mind.
    It's very possible you may get back to work a little earlier than was planned by reminding him that you are eager to get back to work.

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    Also, here's just a suggestion. It might be a good idea to start putting applications in, or sending resumes to other jobs so that you're not sitting around and waiting.

    I've been shafted by employers before and I know what it's like to get burned and not have anyone tell me what it was I did or why they're telling me one thing and doing another.

    Heck, I've had job interviews where I would bring up working at a place like what your describing only to have the interviewer say something along the lines of, "Oh yeah, they're known for doing that."

    So it just doesn't hurt to keep your other options open and to start looking around.

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    as a employer of seasonal work I love it when my guy's check in and ask when will I have work for them. it shows me they have a great outlook and work ethic. not to mention they might be ok with helping me earlie to get everything up and running for the summer season..

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    Yeah, check in. Your employer may be happy not to not have to look for a new employee as well.

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    I wouldn't keep bothering the guy, but I would stop by the store just to look around casual like.

    Times are hard for part timers now, because they are a lot of people willing to work for less money just to get by, and your job may go to someone with kids to feed and a good friend of the family.

    I would put lots of applications in and if you get a job offer, call this person and tell him you need to know asap if you still have the job.

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    Def check in again. Keep your name at the top of his mental pile when it's time to make the decision. He may even bring you back early to help with new peeps.

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    I checked in, shook the guys hand and was asked to start again tomorrow!!!! got my job back haha, so I am exuberantly happy now!

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