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Thread: where can i find a good quality tail?

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    Default where can i find a good quality tail?

    this is mostly for my GF (she's a furry as well). she's been tring to find a good place to get ONLY a tail. she wants a black cat tail. anybody know where i could find 1?

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    Ebay. Or you could commission someone on a furry site like Fur Affinity. Something simple like that will run for about $20-$40 depending on quality.

    Try this site:
    I've ordered from them before.

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    Cut off a cat's tail and pin it to your shorts? :S
    ...or the above methods work. Come to think of it, I'd recommend them more.

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    I have this Fur Affinity thread bookmarked: Commission (Selling): REALISTIC TAILS. Come on in and get one. - Fur Affinity Forums

    They're more expensive than a lot of other tails, but they're a lot more realistic and look pretty damn awesome, I think

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