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Thread: Where do you keep your stash of ... stuff?

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    Default Where do you keep your stash of ... stuff?

    (Unless you are lucky enough to not have to hide it).

    I have some Underjams and two soothers hidden between some clothes in one of my drawers. I also have about half a pack of cheap baby nappies stuffed inside a lockable plastic box in a cupboard. The rest of those nappies, two bottles, and a pack of adult pull-ups are in a backback in my wardrobe.

    I am fairly lucky in that I trust my parents not to go through my stuff now that I'm 18, but I do still worry, since I sometimes spend a week or more away from home. I am on the lookout for a bigger box that I can put a lock on, but no luck so far.

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    I have few packs in my hall closet, and I have a case in one of my empty bedrooms, I have a few packs and some cloth pre folds and my plastic and rubber pants in my closet in my bathroom, I also have some of my sleepers hanging in my bedroom closet.

    I don't need to hide anything I live alone....

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    In a drawer. Along with other unmentionables.

    They shall be freaked out if they ever open it. XD

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    A large locked box might seem more suspicious anyway. I think it's reasonably sensible to keep things seperately because if someone found some adult pull-ups, that would be one thing to explain but if someone found adult pull-ups with a dummy and bottle, the juxtaposition would be stranger, possibly more emotive to someone who doesn't understand and a whole lot more difficult to explain gradually.

    I keep my stash discreetly, but I am fortunate enough to have no reason to hide it completely. When I have to hide nappies while visitors were around, I put them at the back of clothes drawers and cupboards. I wouldn't hide dummies in obscure places, but usually at the back of the (normal) underwear drawer. If someone was rooting around in my underwear drawer and found something odd, it's their fault they feel shocked! But if they found them hidden in the, I don't know...the washing machine drawer, then yeah, I'd expect them to want an explanation!

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    Currently my stash only includes two pacis and I keep them in this cute little pink bag that hangs from my bedpost. It's only really decorate so noone would look inside. Sometimes, I stash the one I've been using under my pillow before I sleep. Once I've collected some more bits and pieces I'll have to put some thought into... Under my bed might work, since it's already packed full off odds and ends.

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    I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't have to worry about my parents snooping around. They have no reason to believe I'd be hiding anything. I leave them in, what most *B/DLs believe to be the worst possible hiding spot: under the bed. I do this for a reason. My parents have no reason to go through my stuff, and if they did, and they found my diapers, they would confront me about it.

    I can turn this around by claiming that:
    "they are their for the sole purpose of knowing that you've been going through my room. I knew you'd confront me, and thus giving yourself away, if I had something shocking like that. So now I have to ask you: Why were you going through my stuff to begin with? What did I do to prompt a search? What were you looking for? I never believed that you would actually spring that trap!"

    I also keep a NUK5 in my top dresser drawer which sits right next to my bed so I can reach it almost from lying down.

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    I have a shelf that is hollow on on side, and becuse it is aganst the wall no one will think of moving it. The good news is its light enough for me to move without drawing atention to myself. I could store 4 packs of depends maximum protection.

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    I am plenty old and presently live alone but still hide my diapers. You never know when a parent, nosy friend or potental GF might pop in. I do not work too hard at it or stress about it I keep them in a several plain cardboard boxes on the top shelf in my closet. I have two life size silicone dolls, they are more of a challange to hide.

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    I used to keep stuff in an old Spawn comic book box in my closet, but I now keep everything under my bed. I have a captain's bed with storage space underneath. I keep a lot of stuff I don't want out in the open under there (I think of it as a safe), so I have a lock on the door to the storage area. I also have a lock on my room. The lock on my room is one my grandfather gave me, and the lock on the bed is one I removed from a defunct retail store (Medeco restricted keyway lock) after it had been closed for a couple years. My mom has a key to my room, but I have the only key to the bed-safe. Other than the door on the bed, the only other way to access the storage area under the bed is to remove the mattress and unbolt the box spring, so I think I am safe in not having my stash discovered.

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