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Thread: What are your thoughts sex?

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    Default What are your thoughts sex?

    We've heard thoughts on sex, anal sex, oral sex, how about no sex?

    Abstaining, Celibacy, or just not caring for the act itself, however you want to state it.

    What are your thoughts on choosing not to have sex (regardless of the status of one's virginity), whether it be for moral, religious, or personal reasons?


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    I like sex. I'm not the hopelessly addicted "gotta have it every day" type... but a few times a month is nice.

    As far as folks who abstain from it... there are other ways of getting off... so I suppose it's not a total loss. It does fulfill the basic need for pleasure.

    If I remember correctly... humans and dolphins are the only animals who have sex for pleasure and not reproduction.

    Those of you on here who say that you want to go through life alone and never having sex are still pretty young. I say don't count yourself out yet. You can be single... not looking... and happy. But having a partner really fills a void in your life that you may not even know you had.

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    Footed P.J.


    Not for everybody. I need my alone time. I'm 32 and have never married. I like my alone time too much, and frankly, I feel a little overexposed to sex, so it's nice to focus on other things.

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    I don't feel obligated to take part in sexual activity, either.

    I have had sex before and have encountered some odd sexual situations, but when it comes to having no sex, I'm perfectly okay with that, too. It is my belief that, nowadays, sexual relations are focused on a lot more in relationships than they might have been some time before. People are open with their sexuality, which makes sexuality a very large part of much of our life.

    Personally, I'm totally fine with not having it -- I prefer a good conversation and a fun time with a friendly person as opposed to a night of heated passion and sexual activity.

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    A lot of things turn me on, but the thought of the actual act of having sex doesn't really do much for me. Sex doesn't turn me off or anything, I just don't find it that appealing.

    So I think that I could live quite happily not having sex, it's not that important to me. But realistically I'll probably have it because my partner will probably want to.

    Although how I feel might change, I used to find sex completely neutral and not find it sexual in anyway. But nowadays I do find something sexual about sex, but it's way down the list of turn ons.

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    More than "choosing not to have sex", in my case i'd call it "not choosing to have sex".

    What I mean is that I've never experienced that kind of overwhelming urge that pushes guys to find a hole preferrably with a human being around it to satisfy their "sexual needs". I'm not against sex, it's one of the various ways people can relate to each other, and probably it can be a good experience too since many people talk so enthusiastically about it, but what I honestly find completely unappealing is when it's done on a merely physical impulse.

    With the right person, and at the right moment, I'm certainly not going to say no, but I'm very picky in fact of soulmates and I usually have more appealing things to do than going in search of one. Also having a partner who doesn't give a damn about sex would be quite nice. I'd possibly give it a try at some point, just to see what it's like, but certainly I don't want my sentimental relationship with someone to be based on sex.

    Otherwise, if it's only plain sex, "just for fun" like someone says, then no thanks!

    (as obviously shows, I'm not planning to have children, since in that case sex would be quite a... ehm... mandatory thing! )

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    I used to consider myself kinda asexual, but not anymore.

    Love is much more important to me than sex. I don't want a relationship that's based solely on sex. I'd prefer if the sex itself was nothing but a side benefit to love. Sex sounds like it's probably a lot of fun, but I don't want to do it with just anyone. It has to be a girlfriend or someone I'll have already married. (depending on if we can, and if she wants to, wait. I'd probably be okay with waiting) So.... no prostitutes and no one night stands for me.

    But.... I have to at least find a girlfriend before it will even matter.

    I also think some people are too obsessed with sex. Love should be more important than sex, but whatever. They can do what they want.

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    Well there are two different ways you can not have sex.

    You can just... not have sex. Because you don't really like it, or just don't care for it that much. This is fine in my opinion. Personally, I don't care too much for normal sex. I mean, oral and anal I'd love to try, but normal sex seems kinda boring. So I might not have sex, but I'm not saying I won't.

    Or you can choose not to have sex. This, I think, is just plain silly. Because if you actually decide you're never going to have sex, that usually means you really do care about it. And if you have the urge to have sex, why deny it? It's part of you... there's nothing wrong with it, it's an important part of being human. So why deny it? It seems... crazy!

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    I apologize in advance, but I must respond to this thread in this way.


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    In my case, is not a choose of mine, girls choosen to don't have sex with me.

    I think sex without love is "empty", so i'll wait for love before sex.

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