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    Red face Hello there!

    Hello, everyone! I'm Sam, but feel free to call me Bambi. I'm extremely new to this culture/lifestyle, though I've had a secret interest in it for years. Finding this site was almost a godsend, heh..

    I am a furry (a deer, hence "Bambi") and have had an interest in babyfurs/diaperfurs for years, mosty because of my slight incontinence but I do enjoy ageplay as well. :p

    I'm looking around, trying to get more attuned with the community and learning as much as I can about the lifestyle.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hi there, welcome to the Disc! Why not tell us a bit more about yourself?

    Although we do talk about the things you mentioned in your intro sometimes, we're much more than that. We stress the word 'community' in our name, because that's what we are. We really like to get to know each other.

    We have a lot of awesome social groups, and the chat as well, so there's guaranteed to be some people with the same sorts of interests as you!

    I see you're 19, are you a student? What do you study?

    What are your hobbies? Are you into gaming? We have a lot of gamers on here (although I'm not one of them!! )

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    I'm not a student at the moment, but I'm enrolling in the fall semester to start up my Associates Degree in mortuary sciences. I can be licensed as an embalmer with that under my belt. ^^

    As for hobbies, I've played alto and bari sax for about eight or nine years now, specializing in jazz and marching.
    And I am quite the gamer girl! I'm practically having a love affair with my 360. :p

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