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Thread: great way to make depends last all day

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    Default great way to make depends last all day

    I figured a way to make depends diapers last all day with repeated peeing in them. What I do is to get to depends super absorbent diapers - I cut slits in the bottom of the first one - lots of small slits. Then I put that on on and put another one on over the first one. Now the trick to making the two of them last all day and NOT have wet slacks or skirt. I take two kitchen size garbage bags - I tuck the first on in the front waist band of the diapers and pull it between my legs - then I tuck it into the sides of the back of the diapers (as it is not long enough to go all the way up to the top of the back waist band) - then i take the second one and tuck it in the waist band at the back and pull it under and up between my legs and tuck it into the sides at the front.

    The results is you have the first diaper able to leak into the second one and the garbage bags act as a diaper plastic liner covering the front and back of the diapers.

    I have used this method lots of times and have worn the two diapers all day at work and not had a leak at all - YES they both do become fully soaked and very heavy - But if you like myself enjoy the bulk and warm wet feelng of a fully soaked double diaper you should enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about leaking.

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    That doesn't sound like a bad idea but that might fall under the category of seeing it to understand it better. The only issue i would have though is that the plastic would be rather crinkly if you were going out in public. That and depends have a nasty tenancy to give me horrific rashes. I could see possibly substituting plastic pants instead of the plastic bags. Not only do places like yunyun (waiting to try and order some) make them rather cheep but they also come in cute patterns!

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    I find that once i have the diapers and plastic bags on that if i put on panties over all that it just about stops the crinkly sound. However if I am going out for an evening or on the weekend I guite often will not put on the panties so that the crinkly sound is not blocked so I can enjoy the sound of wearing the diapers.

    I will have to try and get some plastic pants - I do wish I could find some at a local store - walmart, cvs, walgreens, - somewhere - but so far no luck - I really would prefer to buy them locally and enjoy seeing the look on the clerks face when I paid for them

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    I've got to tell you, I can really connect with you on that level. I love to see the cashiers face when you buy something like that. I bought my bottle and told the cashier that I loved formula, and she just stared at me all wide-eyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcooper View Post
    I will have to try and get some plastic pants - I do wish I could find some at a local store - walmart, cvs, walgreens, - somewhere - but so far no luck - I really would prefer to buy them locally and enjoy seeing the look on the clerks face when I paid for them
    Well, I sometimes buy my diapers and related articles at a local medial supply store. At those times I am matter of factly talking about my purchases being for myself (although not an in-your-face kind of way). And guess what? They don't bat an eye over it.

    I have the same experience all over the world, BTW. Even when buying wool tights or women's pants at REI. I have bought girdles at department stores and told the sales person that I needed them to better hide my diapers. They were always understanding.

    That being said, I can very much relate to the feeling of wanting the other person to know and acknowledge. (I even got flamed for it here...)

    Where do you draw the limit between being casual about what you wear under your outer clothes and being exhibitionist about it?

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    We know. You told us about doing this a week ago.

    Seriously, try this method. (Credit goes to pamperchu for the idea, I pretty much did the same thing but slower.) You'll find that you can very nearly reach the absorbent capacity of both diapers, which makes Goodnites a good candidate for the inner layer as they have more SAP than meets the eye. That technique makes the diapers more discreet and rather enjoyably thick.


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    Incidentally, I find it's less elaborate to just slowly pee in the diaper over the course of the day. And only pee in the diaper when it's convenient. I still go to the bathroom every so often so that when I'm stuck in a situation that makes toilet visits inconvenient I just let it go.

    But if you go slowly, like a controlled burn, it gives the absobant material a chance to actually do it's job and you can make the diaper last quite a few hours.

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