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Thread: Those damn slots! (18+ : gambling)

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    Default Those damn slots! (18+ : gambling)

    Well, last night my friends and I went to the Casino again!

    I normally play blackjack, however last night I had my first shot on the roulette machines! It was really good fun but I can see it getting very addicting! I only play with money I can afford to lose, and if I win then it's just a nice bonus! Mostly we go there for the free tea

    My friend last night played with a free bet on the slot machines that he had earned, and ended up winning over 150! Pretty impressive!

    So those of you who are old enough: what's you game of choice?

    Do you ever gamble with money you can't afford?

    Ever become addicted to it?

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    dont go out enough, when i gamble i aim low, i could care less for winnings, but the best thing is to lower RISK, gambling is applied mathematics,. i HAVE tried roulette once, but never fluttered enough.

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    I play video poker and video slots. I don't bet a lot. I haven't tried table games... they're kinda intimidating.

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    I mostly do blackjack and slots; it was kind of addictive when I frst started but I got past that. ^^

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    Just turned 19, so I'll have to hit up the casino soon.

    And I can't afford to loose any money, so I'll probably gamble with that.

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    The only gambling that's allowed here in NE is KENO. And the lottery.

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    I'm a roulette man. Only go in with as much money as I'm prepared to lose, and really just go with friends for a few drinks. Usually I'm really quite lucky though :-) But I am aware that it's all luck and there's no skill and that there's no guarantees for anything. And I know people only ever talk about their wins and there's lot of people who win big every now and then but lose most of the time, but ever since I've been going to casinos I've been keeping count and am up about $15000 since I turned 18 (7 years ago), and that's counting all the times I've lost too.

    My biggest win is walking out of a casino with $1800 after walking in with $50

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    I usually play blackjack, and the various versions of poker against the dealer they have. When ever I go to a casino its ususally for a proper poker game with friends, I just go on the tables after I get knocked out :P.

    And I'm like you, I take only what I can afford to lose, I see it as part of the cost for a good night out.

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    Only spent time gambling twice... came back $35 ahead the first time; wasn't so lucky the second.

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    Not exactly a fan of gambling - tried it once when my cousin dragged me to a casino, and I couldn't stop thinking about the statistics of what I was doing.

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