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    Hey, my roomate is going home for two nights this weekend and I've only got 1 Bambino left. While I could go buy some not-so-good diapers, I'd rather stuff the bambino and see how far I can stretch it. Here's the thing, I've got like 6 depends that would be very useful for stuffing. I did see a video once by Pamperchu that involved pulling the plastic part of adult diapers off and adding baby diapers between the outside of the adult diaper and the padding. I've tried this with bambinos and unless im just doing it wrong, it doesn't work. Any advice as to how I could use the depends to stuff the bambino without ruining it? Thanks


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    If you cant peel the plastic, try slitting the very inside liner, that just goes over the padding. i have used this method with depends successfully, so it may work with bambinos as well. If you didnt understand me, I'm saying put the stuffing on the inside of the padding rather that outside of it.

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    Bambinos have all that plastic reinforcement, and an elastic waistband. So they will not open as easily as a bag of chips.

    I would make a slit in the plastic reinforced front, slide the stuffers in, then seal it back up with packing tape. It wouldnt be noticable, and it should work...

    I wouldn't cut the inside of a Bambino, the polymers already go all over the place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    I would make a slit in the plastic reinforced front, slide the stuffers in, then seal it back up with packing tape. It wouldnt be noticable, and it should work...
    Sounds like a fun way to make a diaper waaaay thick... I just need to get some more clear tape

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    I went with the front slit method, took a depends, cut off all the elastic and it was basically a pad. This fit pretty easily, although the slit did open up a bit more. 2 ideas for next time: 1. Place tape on the ends of the slit so it can't open up more. 2. Get my girlfriend who's arms are easily half the size of mine to do the actual stuffing.

    So, as it stands, I've got a bambino with an extra depends (underwear kind) stuffer outside the padding. Inside, I've got two stuffers made from the same depends that I'll likely be slitting or removing throughout the weekend. I'll update Saturday morning with how well this little project goes!


    Update: This is the most amazingly puffy diaper ever. I'm so content right now.
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    The Bambino diaper stuffers work really well and they actually swell up. Good luck trying to wet until it leaks you'll be in it for awhile. lol

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