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    which brands still do traditional plastic feel nappies? i just bought some lille and they are the new soft cloth like finish, i really like the feel and crinkly noise of old style platic nappies!!

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    Tena Slips are still plastic (though i've heard the new Ultima have a cloth cover, but as there not available in the UK, it's not an issue).

    There not really crinkly though, mainly the taping area is the crinkly bit!!

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    Butterfly Mage


    Abena and Molicare are still plastic. The Abena diapers are more crinkly. For summer use, the Molicare diapers might be more comfortable because the sides are breathable (front and back are plastic).

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    Tranquility Atn's are plastic covered, so are Abena both are available in cloth like or plastic covered.

    I always buy the plastic covered diapers you pay slightly more but I like them better, and I always wear plastic or rubber pants over them...

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    The generic or basic Attends are still plastic backed along with the Molicare, Abena and Tranquility. I also think some of the Kendall diapers are pastic backed. I enjoy the plastic backed diapers alot more I do not have as many leakage issues and they just feel more comfortable.

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