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Thread: Really icky Question: How often do you mess?

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    Question Really icky Question: How often do you mess?

    I know this is a pretty yucky question but how often do you mess? I gotta say i'm not really a fan of messing but lately i've been padded during the night time so I wake up with a half soggy diaper in the morning, along with the feelings of needing to mess.

    I've been messing every morning for the past week just because it's a convenience thing and i'm already wearing a diaper and if I were to go like a big boy, i'd have clean myself up before using the grown ups toilet. So, might as well!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I avoid it whenever humanly possible. The thing about being a vegetarian is that it makes one's stools smeary and difficult to clean up.

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    A good chunk of my DL obsession began with an obsession with messing myself.

    So when I was about fourteen and my mother worked nights, I would mess every single night as soon as she left. I liked a good solid BM to just push out. And then it was always in a pair of briefs, though at first I would just wear the briefs, sit on the toilet and then go. After a few months I was going in my bedroom.

    These days it's not so much, but I do mess in a diaper when I'm out in public on occasion and yes it can be unbelievably messy, especially if I've had fiber.

    Messing and pooping has just always been the biggest aspect of this for me so don't ever feel like you're disgusting for it because you and I aren't the only ones.

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    I find myself messing in my diaper about once per week. It is usually later in the day. Ocassionally it may be in public but like it in private as well. The worst part is the smell and clean up but I survive.

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    I do like messing, but baby diapers + pretty hard poop = painful, not great at all... There's no room in a baby diaper to mess, unless it's soft enough...

    Well, I should try when I have the runs, if I ever get it.

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    I'm not even a diaper guy as much as I am a guy who likes messing his pants. I have a pair of old swimtrunks reserved for it and I use briefs when I can. It largely depends on my homework schedule or whatever, but lately I've been able to do it nightly.

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    Once or so every week. It's not really icky, can't really hold it against yourself.

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    I really try not to unless I can find time to clean it up and hide the evidence.

    But I still find it kind of disgusting..

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    I mess maybe about every month or so, probably less. I really enjoy messing, but it is entirely sexual for me, so as much as i enjoy it, the awful cleanup reminds me why i barely ever do it.

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    Since I'm almost never alone for more than an hour per day, then I never get the chance to mess any more. I used to go to the park down the street, which was always deserted when I went, since I got off at lunch on some days, and then I'd mess. I didn't make it obvious and no one was ever around, but changing in the bathroom is a huge pain since I can't lay down at all or take a shower. It's just a pain, but I really enjoy it. So, to answer the OP, I never do any more.

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