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Thread: ~Shyly walks into the room~ I'm back :3

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    Red face ~Shyly walks into the room~ I'm back :3

    Hiyas everyone! I'm sure everyone forgot, but I'm Chrissy. I took a really, really long break from this site, but since I have more time now I'm back

    ~Feels all extremely shy and awkward now~ Well, basically I'm an ab/dl/babyfur that loves to meet new friends, and play secondlife (which has kept me from this site, gotta love sl).

    I guess nothing more to say since it's still real early in the morning, but I'm glad to be back

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    Welcome back, what have ya been up too? anything noteworthy or fun?

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    Mostly just life and secondlife, nothing special, kinda boring actually x.x but on a good note i got an adventure coming up ^^ anthrocon

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    Yay! Welcome back.

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    :bunny:Welcome back! diaperedbabygirl,
    I was wondering where you were all this time!:bunny:

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