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Thread: i have a confession to make

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    Default i have a confession to make

    i never wore diapers (well... i did when i was little, but everyone wore them then) the closest thing i got to wearing diapers was probably straping a towel between my legs.

    tho, i did learn that swiffer mop pads are pretty absorbant

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    That's okay, a lot of people are in the same scenario

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    I don't see how that's a real confession. Nobody assumes that you wear diapers, at least I don't.

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    yea....idk why i felt the need to post this....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazyredhead View Post
    tho, i did learn that swiffer mop pads are pretty absorbant
    That's pretty damned ingenious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    That's pretty damned ingenious!
    i enjoy solving problems as long as it's not the math kind

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    That doesn't really matter, most of the people here started out in similar ways. I know I did. The point is: You're on this site because you want to (which is a good thing, cause someone who doesn't like wearing diapers, but is still almost obsessively making and wearing diapers out of towels, swiffers and other stuff around the house ... I think that would be properly be called "weird")

    PS: And with weird I mean no offense. If someone's fetish is to do things he doesn't want to, and do not give him any satisfaction as a hobby then I respect that.

    PPS: However... If that was you fetish, wouldn't it mean you would get some sort of satisfaction from doing something that doesn't give you satisfaction? So you have to do something else which won't give you any satisfaction, but then you get satisfaction from it and you again have to look for something else... I think that would be quite mind blowing

    PPPS: If you have read through this, I apologize for going so far off topic.

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    I've got another confession to make
    I'm your fool
    Everyone's got their chains to break
    Holdin' you

    Were you born to resist or be abused?
    Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

    ...sorry. Couldn't resist.

    Don't worry about it, because using alternate methods just give you ideas for when you can't get your hands on supplies. :P

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    Your confession is pretty unnecessary. A lot of people on here don't wear diapers for varying reasons (lack of privacy, inability to acquire discreetly, etc.) Hell, I didn't actually start wearing them until I was 18 and I had the desire for a long time beforehand.

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