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Thread: Oh, hai.

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    Default Oh, hai.

    Greetings, earth.

    I suppose this is where I say that I'm fun-loving girl in her 20's, dipping her toe into the brave new world of web communities. I've always had a lingering interest in whole scene without having ever participated in it. Let's say, ABCurious. I don't know that I ever will actively indulge in the game, but my lo, interest persists.

    This place seems like the least affronting, 'wanna trade pics plz' zone, so I hope there's a spot for me

    Be nice


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    Ok, now tell us a bit more about *you*.

    We like to get to know a whole person!

    Are you interested in any sports or games? What's your favourite music/film/tv show?

    Are you a student?

    Welcome to the Disc

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    Welcome to ADISC. Yeah if this is your first time joining a site like this, this is definitely the one to join (if that makes any sense).

    + what talula said

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    I am indeed a student.

    Studying and geeking out on journalism. Some obsess on cars, or fashion or sports (well, among other things); I can rail off the editorial board of the NYT.

    Ok maybe not... no, who am I kidding, it's true ::blush::

    At this moment I'm slacking off, desperately circling that 15 page paper due Friday. Just... a... few... more... minutes. Then I'll really get to work.

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    I'll assume you're now working on your paper (you better be!!!). =P

    Welcome to ADISC. Don't hesitate to ask any questions (I'm sure that's why you're here, anyway, if you're curious).

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