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Thread: Sleeping with your eyes open

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    Default Sleeping with your eyes open

    I was just wonderin if anyone else here has ever had this happed? ...sleeping with your eyes open that is...

    Every once in a while I wake up with my eyes half open and my contacts dried up, usually a couple times a week or so. One time, I thought I was dreaming at first. I was just seeing a crack in the wall, then it looked like a line, then as I slowly woke up, I realised I had one eye open and what I was seein was actually a green decorative line on the wall just below the ceiling. It kinda creeps me out sometimes to be honest.
    I just wanted to post this to see if any of you have had a similar thing happen to you....and possibly find out any reason why this might happen.

    Welp, thanks for your time, and hope my first thread wasnt a pointless one....

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    My dad says I always sleep with my eyes about half open..Doesn't hurt me any it doesnt seem, so I'm not too worried about it

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    it's supposed to mean you're a martian or something. it happens to me all the time. sometimes i wake up and realize my eyes have been completely open the whole time.

    once i had a dream that i was trying to drive along this one really broad empty street in seattle. it was sunset and the sun kept getting in my eyes more and more until finally i couldn't see anything at all and it was like i was staring at the ceiling of a canvas tent in direct sunlight. then i woke up and i realized my eyes were open and i was staring at the ceiling of my room which was bathed in late-afternoon sunlight. that was back in the days when i worked as a baker and slept in the daytime.

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    well why don't you take your contacts out b4 goin to sleep then?

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    My little brother sleeps with his eyes open....

    It doesn't really have any effect whatsoever...
    other than being creepy as hell to the people around you.

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    What Tigger said.

    You don't need them to see in your dreams after all, and your eyes will thank you for letting them breath at least when you sleep. I sometimes use contact lenses too but I try to take them off as soon as I can.

    As for the "sleeping with open eyes" thing, never happened to me, at least not that I remember.

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    Yeah, very weird...when I read your first post I figured you just opened your eyes for a second while you were dreaming. But apparently some people here really do sleep with their eyes open. I didn't know that was possible.

    I hate it when I forget to take my contacts out before bed. I also hate waking up and not being able to see.

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    I used to sleepwalk with my eyes open and it used to freak out my mum, but does that count?. I Dunno if its normal to sleepwalk with eyes open

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    I've done it, but not like how you are all describing.

    I had art class in junior high, and that class really sucked.. So in order to bare it, I figured out a way to sleep with my eyes open. I would stare directly at something in front of me, let my eyes droop to about 1/2 way, and then relax enough to go to sleep. It didn't always work, but when it did I could catch some sleep without getting busted by the man!

    I've never woken during the night to find my eyes open, though.. as least not that I'm aware of. I never really thought about this before now, so I'll pay more atention when I wake up now.

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    once when i was little i had a weird dream that ended with my dad waving at ghosts through a fence. i woke up to see him waving at me telling me that my eyes were half open and he thought i was awake. it was only once though.

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