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Thread: What's your morning routine?

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    Default What's your morning routine?

    Well, it's as simple as that?

    Do you eat breakfast? What time do you wake up at? Do you shower/bathe or do you leave that for the evening? How long do you spend on each task? Can you not move until you've got a dose of caffeine into you?

    My routine is pretty simple, I can get ready most morning in about 20 minutes if I rush. I jump out of bed, boost the shower and put the kettle on. Lay out my clothes for the day, make my coffee, take last nights make-up off (cos I'm really silly and never do it at night!), pack my bag for the day, shower, wash my hair and make sure I'm all squeaky clean, put my hair in a towel, and get dressed.

    THEN I blowdry my hair. Now if I have lots of time I'll dry it properly and then straighten it, and if I don't then I'll just blow dry the ends and put some mousse in it so it goes all curly. If I'm REALLY pushed for time then I'll just throw it back in a ponytail, or with a hairband, or even just put a hat on!

    And then I drink my coffee, with whatever time's remaining. Mingus and Charlie know that if I don't have time then I'll just take my mug with me though, from the Edinburgh meet! And then roll my morning cigarette on the lift on the way down

    If I've got a guy staying over, or my girlfriends and I are having a sleepover then normally I'll just get back into bed once I've boosted the shower so it's all warm when I finally do get round to having a shower

    What's your routine like? Are you efficient (like I like to think I am)?

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    Imagine the evolution of man. That curve is my mornings.

    My morning routines these days are as follows:
    I wake up at between 06:00 - 08:30 depending on my schedule for the day.
    I'm NOT the type who jumps out of bed and sings the "Good-morning" song.
    I usually snooze for 10 minutes before I drag myself out of bed an into the bathroom. Once I'm done there, I walk from my cottage, over the garden and into the main house to have breakfast. I have horrible morning appetite so it often ends up with just a glass of juice and a Omega3 pill. (I don't eat fish)
    Lately, I've started to eat breakfast at school. My appetite is better when I get there.
    After breakfast I head back into my bathroom, brush my teeth and clean my face. Style up my hair into my standard look. (spiky) Maybe I shave off my beard if I need to. Applies aftershave and deodorant.
    Then I dress up in whatever I feel for. Very often, it's jeans with some T-shirt and hoodie.
    I pack my bag, takes the keys, shoes and coat on and locks the door before heading to the car and drives down to school.

    That's quite the everyday procedure for me. ^^

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    Wake up between 8:30-9:30
    Jump in the shower
    Get dressed
    Get on the computer

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    Because my classes every day don't start untill 2:00 or later, I get up around 1, shower, eat, and that's it.

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    Wake up (depending on if and when I work)
    Take shower
    Get dressed
    Eat something
    Deal with the rest on a case by case basis

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    Wake up: 5:30 am everyday
    Make coffee
    Have breakfast
    Check email, weather
    Get dressed
    Leave for work at 7:00 am

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    Monday-Thursday its

    Wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning
    Take shower
    Get dressed for school (college)
    Eat pop tarts and drink Capri Sun while sitting here at my computer
    8:00AM its off to school which actually starts at 9AM and goes until 1PM.

    I'm working part time so who knows how the rest of my days will go.... I'll either be at work or at home working on my studies.

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    Right now, I usually wake up between 8:00 and 9:00AM, throw on some pyjama pants and a T-Shirt, and then head down to the kitchen. If my Dad's made coffee already (which is usually the case), I pour myself a cup and head down to my office. Once I'm in my office, I boot up the computer, check my email, and visit all my sites. After that's done, I sit down and start doing whatever it is that I need to do to study for the exam that I'm studying for.

    That's a little out of the ordinary, though, as classes are done right now for exams. During the school year, I wake up around 7:00 or 8:00, jump in the shower, then get dressed. If I have time, I pour a cup of coffee and check my email and stuff, then pack my computer in my bag along with any books I need for class and either head out to catch the bus or jump in my car and drive to school.

    As you can tell, I'm not a big breakfast eater, but it seems to work out well for me.

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    I'm terrible with mornings.

    Basically, I manage to drag myself out of bed about half an hour before I need to be wherever I need to be, get dressed (I'm a shower in the evening person), don't have time for breakfast but have a cup of tea and stagger out into the cruel and unforgiving world. I feel absolutely fine as soon as I'm outside the door but the getting there part is never fun. Probably because I never get enough sleep.

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    My mornings are very boring..

    1. Go to bed around 1am or latter. (yes anything after 12:00 is the morning)
    2. Wake up 7am or so
    3. Get dressed and washed (I wash about twice a week..)
    4. Go down stairs feed cat and make coffee
    5. Go back upstairs and sit at computer's and do stuff.

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