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Thread: These men annoy me

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    Default These men annoy me

    Okay today I had to block someone. All this guy ever talked about was diapers diapers diapers. He also kept probing me for advice and mine was never good enough for him. He keep asking for it when I had already given it. I did tell him I want him to talk about other things too than just diapers because I get sick of it. I also told him I don't like it when he keeps trying to probe me for advice when i have already given it. But he never stopped and quit doing it. I even told him this is why it's so hard for men to find diaper women. But he ignored what I told him and kept doing it. I even tried telling him go bug someone else, and go on the diaper forum and ask for advice. They will probably have better advice than me. Then I took him off my friends list and blocked him. After months of patience and giving him a chance to change his ways, he didn't do it so bye bye.

    Seriously, why do they do this?
    Is it their way of getting turned on when they talk about it and they just want to keep hearing your advice?
    Do they want you to like force them to do things with your advice?
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    Hmm... you should make a blog. No offense, but this is a personal story with nothing for posters to really comment on.

    The general population is made up of assholes, it isn't just this community.

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    Yeah... unfortunately, horny, disturbing 30 year old men with beer guts who insist on wearing thong-like pampers will constantly bother female AB/DLs. :/

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    That is too bad that all your friend wants to talk about is diapers. Maybe they just don't have much going on in there life except there fetish. I know that I totally freeze up when someone asks me what I have been doing recently they always expect a long conversation but I am always like I have been pretty busy with college and stuff. Don't loose your faith in our community; I think a lot of nice people just aren't comfortable enough to come out of there shells and talk to others in person because they are to scared of not being accepted .

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    I don't like that... The conversation goes something like this with me:

    Me: hi!
    Them: Hey!
    Them: diapered?
    Me: *block*

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    Where do you people find these people and when can I start running circles around them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Where do you people find these people and when can I start running circles around them?

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    This is one of the reasons I dislike it when people add me to their friends lists. Although I ask for it becuase I like new friends, their first questions are always about diapers. Never about what I do, how old I am, what my interests are...No, just "What kind of diapers do you wear?". Quite irritating. I can sympathize with you, OP.

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    My, my. Seems said person is generating quite a disturbance around here.
    I agree with Val, though, in that the most entertaining solution to trolling is out-trolling. <3

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