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Thread: *waves* Hiya. New TX babyfur here

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    Default *waves* Hiya. New TX babyfur here

    Hiya everyone. ^^ A friendly southern diaperlover/babyfur here. Just lookin to make new friends and such. :3 I can be kinda quiet and shy, but I'm very friendly, hehe. ^^

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    Cool, another furrend!!

    May I ask just what species you are and what hobbies/interests you have?

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    Welcome my fellow Texan diaperlover I'm also from Texas. It brings me joy to know other dl's in grand ol' Texas. =D

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    Welcome to the BEST ADISC forum on the interblag/bog
    i'll start by asking you:
    what are your interests?
    your favorite band?

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    Well, until recently I was a dragonwolf, but my boyfriend convinced me to become a Lugia (the pokemon) morph. *giggles*I have all sorts on interests, but mainly gaming, technology, spirituality (I'm pagan), weird things and awesome things. xD Not much doesnt perk up some part of me. And as for the one who asked about band...well no one top fav. x3 I love almost all music, except country mainly. Which is funny being a Southern boy. *giggles*

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    Watersports would be AWESOME if you knew Hydro Pump!

    Wait... ew.

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    *giggles* Hehe, that would be true. xD Though it might overwhelm some. >x3

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here! We are real nice here, we don't bite, but some of us do have horns!

    I'm not a Longhorns fan but had to run the joke for the sake of the thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimwold View Post
    *giggles* Hehe, that would be true. xD Though it might overwhelm some. >x3
    Fine then, use Water Gun!

    If memory serves, there's actually a move called Water Sport. I believe it lowers power of fire based attacks...

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    *giggles* You're right! That move does exist, and what do ye know the user soaks themselves x3

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