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    I'm an AB/DL in my early 50s; I first became aware of my desire to wear diapers when I was about five or six years old. I've been through many cycles of binge/purge, but for the last fifteen years I've come to realize that this is a part of me that will never change.

    My wife is aware of this fetish and tolerates it, but doesn't participate in any way. One of my fondest hopes is that some day she will take part in it.

    I usually wear diapers when my wife is away for several days; during that time I wear at night and as much in the day as possible (I never wear diapers at work). I enjoy wetting and messing my diapers; occasionally I find myself wetting my night diapers without really being aware it's happening.

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    Willkommen zu ADISC!

    Do you have anyother hobbies or interests you'd like to share with us?

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    My hobbies and interests include classical music, films, literature, skiing and jogging, as well as travel.

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    Well i'm sure you'll have a nice time. One of our mods is a German peach who loves to travel.

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    Welcome to adisc munichbaby

    you say that you like films, what movies do you like to watch, do you have a favourite?

    Hope to see you around


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