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    So many of you are younger from what I noticed here, I wondered how many of you knew any recent changes that have gone on in the world.

    I will turn 40 years old later this year. I am amazed at the changes I have seen in my lifetime, and can only stand in awe to think at the things my grandparents must have seen over the course of their lives.

    There are the common things: spaceflight, television, computers, microwaves, and mores. I remember watching a black and white television and before personal computers were commonplace. I also remember getting our first microwave.

    How many of you know diaper history?

    Disposable diapers didn't come onto the scene until the 1970's, and there was originally only Pampers that manufactured them. They were *NOTHING* like today's disposable diapers. They were made from a single square/rectangular absorbent layer that was folded into two accordion-style sides and tacked in the middle to form the crotch of the diaper. The video I saw of Pamperchu's is accurate, 100%.

    Rubber/plastic pants were used with disposable diapers as well as cloth diapers; the disposables leaked horribly bad. Rubber pants were actually made of rubber as well!

    Diapers were sold in various sizes, usually not numbered, but named: newborn, infant, etc., with the largest being toddler. These were in pressed paperboard boxes with the famous Pampers baby on the front of them. If you have ever been in the baby section of a mega-store like Wal-Mart and caught a whiff of that particular baby powder-like scent, that has been on Pampers since the start. It can key many memories for people who spent their lives in diapers (me included).

    It wasn't until the 1980's that fitted diapers arrived on the scene and then the real improvements in diaper technology started to come around. Leg gathers, leak guards, taping areas, cloth-like covers, and more all made diapers better. Slowly, niche market adult diaper companies and high-end adult diaper manufacturers have begun including many of those features on their products, and the incontinent community is rejoicing.

    You may ask how I know and remember all this? I grew up in and out of diapers. I wasn't first out of daytime diapers until after eight. I was nearly placed in a class for retarded children (I only have a bladder control issue, nothing else) because I was still in diapers in third grade and the school principal insisted that meant I was retarded.

    I don't know that I have ever really had much of a break from bedwetting. I've pretty much always had a bag of diapers in the closet when I was growing up, and then when I moved out, I understood the reason for them and kept using them. My wife understands and keeps me diapered as well.

    All I do is just try to make the best of it.

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    I am old enough to remember all of the above as I am in my 40's I was in nappies at night until I was 7 or 8 and only just out of them during the day in time to start school at 5. I often wet my self in my first year at school. Wearing nappies during the day was never an option. My day time wetting ceased by the time I was about 6 or 7 apart from the odd accident. Sadly my night time wetting was a different story and I continued to wet most nights in to my teens. I am back to nightly bedwetting again now and still use terry nappies and plastic pants.

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    I'm 37 y/o and I'm trying to remember a Pampers commercial from the 70's(maybe early 80's) targeted at toddlers. It had a line kinda like this "When you need dryness to spare, you need Pampers. Do you remember this commercial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodJams1 View Post
    I'm 37 y/o and I'm trying to remember a Pampers commercial from the 70's(maybe early 80's) targeted at toddlers. It had a line kinda like this "When you need dryness to spare, you need Pampers. Do you remember this commercial.
    I remember this Pampers commercial, believe it or not. Sorry I didn't get back to this thread a little bit before--I had one of my uncles pass away last week and I took a quick trip to the other end of the state for his funeral. One night for visitation, one day for a 'Celebration of Life' and one final day for the burial ceremony.

    It's been a long week.

    About the best thing about it all was seeing a lot of family that I haven't been able to get off to see in a long time since we're scattered across the U.S., including my father who lives on the opposing coast from me. That was what made the trip worthwhile.

    Other than that, it seems very few of us remember the old Pampers diapers that were the flat-fold style. Either we were stuck in them for many years with our wetting troubles or, as in the case of my wife, had a much younger sibling that you helped take care of before they switched to the fitted style.

    Plastic pants were an absolute must with those!

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