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Thread: Diapers Going Eco Friendly Now?

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    Default Diapers Going Eco Friendly Now?

    Nature Baby Care Diapers

    I found out about this specific brand on The Colbert Report and this is a brand of baby diapers that are made with corn based products. This to me is just another solution to help limit the problem of the disposal and environmental issues that come with regular disposable nonbiodegradable diapers. Seems interesting to me, but what is your take on this, even though for the majority of us this could only work as pads.

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    Butterfly Mage


    That is pretty cool. I would easily buy a biodegradable adult diaper if such a thing got made and also worked well.

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    They are a lot thicker than most baby diapers, however the taps are not as stretchy as Pampers, Luv's etc.

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    The same company also makes training pants. I don't know how big they are, though.

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    Unless you are actually going to be composting these or pitching them into the woods they are not really green. Nothing breaks down in a landfill. Not sure if using corn rather than oil is better or not.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    Unless you are actually going to be composting these or pitching them into the woods they are not really green. Nothing breaks down in a landfill. Not sure if using corn rather than oil is better or not.
    Well... they could be dissolved in a compost heap.

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    nothing makes me feel better than knowing i could have corn wrapped around my butt! *gasms*
    They can continue the debate on whether cloth or disposables are better...
    The fact that disposable diapers has plastic that takes forever to go away if not at all.
    Also cloth diapers along with other non diapered people are putting methane gas and other pollutants that clean diapers, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, cars you name it, in to the water and air. Neither is better than the other in environmental health. Along with cows, goats, chickens... Methane gas is just as bad as car emissions. Cloth will save you money overtime some would think. With cleaning and drying them its not much of a difference. You need detergents, electricity, water, and whatever else people use to clean them and use them.

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    These diapers are much better for the environment. Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Pampers

    I'd say if you really want to be environmental just go with cloth. Even after the baby grows out of them you call still use the diapers as rags. We still have old cloth diapers in our rag bucket.

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    This is so strange to me right about now. Why didn't Iowa come up with that. But it's a good idea. I see diapers in the streets and on highways, so I'm sure this would help out all the lazy people who can't seem to properly despose of diapers.

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    Product Features

    -Corn-based materials rather than plastic
    -Packaging is compostable
    -Corn products GM-free
    -Made entirely from compostable/renewable products
    -Great fit

    Anyway, it makes sense for there to be "Green" diapers now. There is a huge market for anything "Green" these days. If the marketing is right, there is a huge amount of money to be made from the middle class hybrid driving consumers. I'm surprised that neither Kimberly Clark or P&G have made a product like this.

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