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Thread: ATN Slimline: the best stuffer I've used!

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    Default ATN Slimline: the best stuffer I've used!

    I recently got a great price on ebay for what I thought were Tranquility ATN. When the shipment arrived I was disappointed to see that I had just bought a case of 96 Tranquility Slimlines. I love padding so just the word 'Slim' bummed me out.

    Well I checked them out and they are actually not bad at all. They are similar to a Depends Max in thickness. The padding extends well into the wings, which I happen to like.

    Now the best part: The plastic is very easily separated from the padding. In fact, the plastic is not bonded to the inner padding at all. This means that if you want to wear one as a stuffer, you can tear the plastic backsheet without ruining the inner fluff or leaking absorbant sand all over the place. Anyone who has torn the plastic on a diaper knows what I'm talking about. The Slimlines stay perfectly intact. This makes them a wonderful stuffer diaper.

    The Slimlines are also a great day diaper as they are well made and undetectable under clothing. The peach colored liner is the best I have ever tried at keeping wetness away from your skin.

    Has anyone else tried these? I think they're great. Can't wait to try the ATNs....

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    as a matter of fact I am wearing one right now. I don't use them as stuffers but I definately see what you mean. They are just great for overall use. Like depend maxium but way better against leaking in my opinion.

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    I wear the ATN's sometimes. I have not ordered any Slimlines in a long time.

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