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Thread: Sweetkiss Official Introduction Thread! <3

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    Default Sweetkiss Official Introduction Thread! <3

    Hey there everyone. ^-^ I'm relatively new here, but I've been lurking for a while longer.

    I'm a nineteen year old male (no one ever believes that part! I might be cursed. ;; ) who lives in central Ohio in the US. My interests include medicine, music, tokusxdeadx, horror films, and World of Warcraft. I'm also fond of cute things, and pretending my friends have super powers. <33

    Both my brother and I are currently studying to become physicians, but he's a little ways ahead of me because of the age difference. Medicine is just about the only thing we have in common, but I love him!

    I used to sing for a melodic heavy metal band, but now I just work on solo projects. Occasionally the old group and I get together and play a set just for fun. I'm primarily a vocalist, but I also play piano/synth/keyboard and the violin. I've got an acoustic guitar laying around that I should learn sometime. Eerie dissonant things, neoclassical influences, and upbeat songs (particularly about phoenixes LOL) are my key musical traits.

    I have a girlfriend who is just wonderful for cuddling with/upon, in addition to a pet hedgehog (my spiky bug-hunting friend!!).

    Uhm. Yes. The only person here I've talked to is GaachanTheWench (*squeak!* <3) and she seems really nice. Hope I can become a regular part of this community..! <3 Thank you for your time, everyone. c:

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    Hey, I know that Gaachan chick!

    Anyway, official welcome to ADISC

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    Yeah, her! With all of the one-liners. x3

    Thank you very much. c:

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    Many warm welcomes, Sweetkiss. I am sure you will enjoy being here at ADISC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    Many warm welcomes, Sweetkiss. I am sure you will enjoy being here at ADISC.
    I do think I will. Thank you. <3

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here! Just making sure that a Wench doesn't steal all the fun of this intro! (just kidding Gaachan!!!)

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    I was afraid we'd lost you when you listed a Japanese word as an interest, but your interests are quite interesting. I like medicine myself! Hope you and your brother are successful in getting degrees. Will chumming, and all that cultural stuff.

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