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Thread: Circumstances when you wear diapers

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    Default Circumstances when you wear diapers

    Under what scenarios do you wear diapers? I started off in high school (17-18) so that i could concentrate with work and slowly in became a good part of my job--cooking and selling Vietnamese food all day without breaking. Of course i use them only for peeing--I go to the toilet for number 2

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    Under harsh periods of stress (usually caused by family issues but that's a story for another day) I tend to regress, and padding usually comes shortly after. Or anything else, in fact, that makes me regress, such as trips to the park, saturday morning cartoons, tons of caffiene, or naptime :3

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    Just when I'm in the mood, I could go for weeks or months without wearing and then I just start wearing everyday, that can last for a few days or weeks.

    I am fortunate I can wear anytime, I live alone and have the funds to buy whatever diaper I choose.

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    When in the mood, some road trips can be fun.

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    Finally, a place to post this:

    I get padded whenever I feel like it. Whether it be a school night, or a weekend, just when I feel like it.

    I usually regress and get into into my kiddie clothing every two weeks when I go to my dad's house in Charlotte. I don't know why this place kicks up my tb mode, maybe because there's lots of toddler stuff around. He has a 4 year old and a two year old. But this is the time when I'll get diapered, put on my spiderman shirt and juvenile-like clothing and head down to the playground. And I will cuddle up in bed with my plushies when I go to sleep. Also, this is the only time when I will actually mess my diapers.

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    Whenever I am in the mood. If I am in the mood I wear when at work, when playing with the kids, when sleeping (in bed with my wife), at the gym, around friends, family, whatever. Keyword: mood. Sometimes that will be several days in a row, and then again there might be several days without any diapers.

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    I tend to wear nightly when stressed, or feeling really good. The end result is I sleep in diapers fairly often.

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    At this point in time normaly when I am upstairs and on the computer for a while or am regressing. Sometimes I wear them just becuse I can.

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