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Thread: need help deciding

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    Question need help deciding

    OK so I am on the especialneeds site where you can request 2 free diaper samples, and I want one of the ones with tapes, so I am deciding between the Tranquility SlimLine fitted briefs and the Select Disposable Diaper briefs. which one should i get? And my other question is do these run small or large? I am about a 30" waist, and so depending on the sizing should I order Small (24-32") or Medium (32-44")?

    thanks for your help


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    You need to reach a bit self-testing of any size will be best. If you can not order a test session only a couple of each size?

    Should I go for the dimensions of the diaper. Are small enough for you.

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    Personally I would go with the Tranquility ATN over the Slimline. They hold more and have a wider crotch to prevent leaks. The Select brand is truly a bottom of the line diaper. There fit is good and they are comfortable, but they are super thin and they only hold one small wetting. As for which size, I'm 125Lbs with a 29" waist, Smalls fit like a glove. (I like that some times) But they ride a lot lower than mediums and hold less.

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    You should probably go with a company that offers diapers as well as discrete shipping. Not sure a special needs store will give you the discrete shipping you probably want.

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    It is so sad I can not try ATN. Because I live in Sweden. Have heard so much good things about this diaper.

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    Hopefully someone who has ordered from these guys will tell you if they send you junk mail or sell your address or something.

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    OK so on Saturday I ordered the SlimLine small. My other question is, do the tabs stretch to the front or just connect the sides?

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    How long do these take to ship?...

    I want some. >_>

    btw, I'm going with the Tranquility Slimline Briefs.

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