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Thread: Which companies have unmarked boxes with delivery?

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    Default Which companies have unmarked boxes with delivery?

    Which companies have unmarked boxes for diaper delivery in the UK/US?

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    Drylife do, my last pack of Tena Slip Super came in a plain grey shipping bag. Return address is written as DL Ltd, so nice and discreet.

    Drylife: nappies and plastic pants for adults, teenagers and children

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    Butterfly Mage


    XP Medical ships in plain boxes to the United States and Canada. What they actually do is turn the shipping box inside-out so that the product labels are inside and the plain part faces outward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDan View Post
    Return address is written as DL...
    I find that ironic.

    Well, I've never shipped, but I know Bambinos has discrete shipping.

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    Cuddlz (UK) do. The 40-pack that I ordered arrived in a plain brown cardboard box (actually an inside-out box in which they receive the diapers to their warehouse in packs of 48, but the "Cuddlz" text was all on the inside and completely invisible to the outside) with a plain white envelope taped to the front containing the invoice slip and my name & address. The shipping label on the front listed the return address as being "MQ Trading, Buxton Road, Leek, ST13 6EJ". Obviously, entering "MQ Trading" into Google has their website on the fifth page of results, but the first four pages of results seemed to be innocuous enough. The 16-pack that I ordered came wrapped in thick grey plastic, with the same envelope and shipping label deal. Similar story with the 2-pack trial pack that I ordered from them. Since they're a specialised AB/DL company, shipping everything in plain packaging is very important to them.

    Blushing Buyer also ship everything very discretely in the UK. One order I've placed with them (containing a single pack of diapers) was shipped wrapped in thick black plastic covered in brown parcel tape with just a shipping label stuck on the outside. The advantage with them is that if someone does Google the return address, they just get a generic store that sells all kinds of stuff. The other order I placed with them (for half a dozen or so smaller items - not diapers) arrived in a completely plain brown cardboard box with a shipping label stuck to the top.

    Both excellent companies; I've had no problems with either

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    I know that XP medical and Bambino/Cuddlz (they're the same company, right?) ship with almost completely unmarked boxes. ^^
    And those two will cover most of the popular brands.

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    Adult Incontinence Products, Adult Incontinence Aids, UK

    'Tender-Care: Covered in thick black plastic (bin bag style) and lots of brown tape. No tell-tale company name etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetkiss View Post
    Bambino/Cuddlz (they're the same company, right?)
    Nope. They might have the same manufacturer, but it's a completely different company reselling them.

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    Default thanks

    for all your ansers

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