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    Does anyone know if there are any places left to buy the safeway brand easy sleeps? I noticed they stopped carrying them for some awful reason. I guess pullups wise we are down to goodnites and pull-ups and the huggies or pampers easy ups or whatever. I liked them because they were comfortable and not as expensive as any of the other brands. Was very fortunate that I got my last package that was on clearance for like 6.00 I imagine now because they were being discontinued but am just wondering if anyone has seen them around still.

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    whole sale ? internet? Manifacture? Auction? Safeways Warehouse? Safeways Headoffice? Another Safeways?

    If they were safeways own brand they were probibly being manifactured for safeway so i doubt you will have much luck.

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    Try checking with other supermarkets in your area. Some grocery stores had their own brands similar to the Safeway Easy Sleeps. I think Walgreens drug store has their own brand too. They might not be exactly the same, but maybe close.

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