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    Default Moving to New York City

    Hi all, I'm a 25yo dude here moving to NYC in a months time. are there many diaper wearers in the city? any store fronts that sell decent adult diapers? anyone ever keen for a diapered beer?!?

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    Wow, Sydney to the Big Apple eh? That's quite a leap.

    You'll find quite a pretty active scene there. I'm not from the area, but I know quite a few ADISC people (and AB/DLs who aren't on ADISC) from NYC and can say with confidence that if you want to go to some parties and meet other AB/DLs you won't have too much trouble there.

    Also, American chicks love Aussie accents.

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    You need strong teeth to bite your way through the Big Apple!

    As for finding "diaper wearers" there...I haven't seen any when I visited last year. Maybe they were hiding on Diaper Staten Island or something?!

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