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Thread: The Cute Factor

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    Default The Cute Factor

    Okay, here's what I want to know: What do you think makes something, or someone, cute?

    Is there something that makes cute things cute, certain attributes, or is cuteness in the eye of the beholder?

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    Yes you it was a very good question. As is very complicated to explain. How do we explain that some things are cute? Emotions can be very difficult to explain. Not always easy to put into words what you feel.

    But little kittens are always cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talula View Post
    What do you think Charlie? Why don't you start us off? :P
    I want to give other people a chance to say first.
    Plus I'm not sure what is cute (except for you, when you're sucking your thumb), that's why I'm asking!

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    Hmm.... Well, on a mental aspect, I would assume it would be something along the lines of innocent and vulnerable, like a kitten or a bunny.

    On the physical side, it would lean towards more what the individual feels is cute. I think a lot of anime girls are cute, but not everyone does.

    Or maybe it's just evil space martians that have taken over our souls and reprogrammed them with other thoughts.

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    what makes something cute? Well, it is something that is more part of the parenting/caring instinct then anything else. "cute" is a attractiveness to anything youthful, and youthful qualities and characteristics. It is your parenting instincets kicking in, telling you that for the survival of that kitten, it needs taken care of, and that you should be its parent. We see cuteness in youth for survival of humans, it makes us want to care for them, and was developed to make us less likely to abandon our own kids, or kill other peoples kids!
    When you see cuteness in something that is non youth, like say cuteness in a adult, it is reminding you of youthfulness and reinforcing those thoughts.

    Simply, it is just part of the parenting/caregiver instinct we all have. We all see "cute", and I would say most people would say that kitten is cute. If a person dosent think that kitten is cute, then they probably dont see a need to care for it for whatever reason

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    I think cuteness is subjective, that is it is different for each person. For me, it usually has to small and innocent-looking usually in a tranquil scene. A puppy sitting on shredded newspaper looking at you like "What did I do?" is cute. My friend however, thinks that things like insects, crabs, lobsters, and crawly things are cute. He plays with his hermit crabs and keeps saying that they're cute. I just freak out if he has them anywhere near me, and I freeze if he puts them on me. His crawly things are not cute, they are creepy.

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    U mad? I think anime girls are adorable, too. :3 Innocence makes everything cute.

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