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Thread: What do You Speak/Read

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    Default What do You Speak/Read

    So, what languages do you speak or read in?

    Are you fluent in this language?

    How did you learn it?

    I Speak and read in English and Spanish. I Can also read in French.

    Some others I plan on learning are German, speaking French, Irish, Chinese/Japanese, and Cajun French.

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    Im English speaking and reading but i do know a but of Korean but that about it

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    English here, but during college, I could speak and read in French. I would read the poems of Arthur Rimbaud in French and try to feel the meter. It's really better in the original language. Rimbaud was and still is my hero, both in literature and in the grander scheme of things. I was somewhat like him when I was young, so for what ever reason, I identified.

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    Ma langue maternelle est le français, donc il n'y a pas vraiment d'histoire. I mean, I didn't chose to learn French ^^.
    And then there is English (I know, shocking). I live in an area where the majority (~85 to 90%) speak English, yet I really didn't seriously start to study it until middle school. I read my first book in seventh grade (The Little Prince, major milestone by the way). I would say I started to consider myself fluent by the middle of High School, and right now my English is pretty static (as in I don't expect it to improve all that much).
    And I'm starting to try to learn Japanese. Really cool language, but I'm afraid I'm to lazy to study it properly...

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    English and have a GCSE in french (A grade). Although outside the classroom I've never put it into practice as I haven't been to France in 5 years.

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    I speak and read english, and am sopose to be reading and speaking spanish, but I never quite got the hang of it. Both of my sibling can speak it and we are sopose to be hispanic. I am even geting D's in my spanish class. *sigh* I can at least read some spanish.

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    I speak:
    English - fluwent
    German - Begginer

    I sing:

    How did I learn?
    English - native toungue
    Spanish - Basic stuff you learn in school only songs I know in it are N'Sync and Rammstein
    German - Hearn Rammstein in an AMV back in 2006 and learned songs by them, Eisbrecher, Megaherz, In Extremo, Subway to Sally
    French - Code Lyoko
    Hebrew - Code Lyoko
    Japanese - Just being an anime fan i've picked stuff up
    Russian - Rammstein, GTA IV, I know the USSR anthem in English and Russian.
    Sweedish - Basshunter
    Swaheli - Through a drum circle.

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    ACK! Le Petit Prince. Ewwwwww. Je le déteste. Ça n'a aucune sense la plupart du temps.

    So many language threads lately... So I speak English and French and have a basic knowledge of Spanish. I can read in French and English, but I wish to improve my French... like a lot. It actually disgusts me that I didn't take advantage of my French and I didn't really appreciate it until this year. My spoken French is WAY better than my written French, and my reading is... okay in French. I'd say I can read at a grade 9 or 10 level in French, whereas I read Nobel prize books in English. I've been asking around trying to find and interesting book to read in French. I'd prefer to get a book that is written in French first, as opposed to a translated book like Harry Potter. Class doesn't really teach you "functional" French because it doesn't teach you slang and stuff. The other day a girl asked how to say 'stripper" and the teacher told her she shouldn't be using that language in class so it was irrelevant. I've taken to watching Friends with French subs and I have learned quite a few new words, or sayings, that are more unique to the language. Any suggestions on books would be great (even better if they would likely be found in a school library for French immersion students). If not I could always go down to the public library.

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    Thanks to 4 years in high school (and a semester in college) I can speak and read in Spanish as well as my native English. Have to admit though, my Spanish is rusty! lol

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