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Thread: anyone know what these nappies are called?

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    Default anyone know what these nappies are called?

    they where a white pullup with a cartoon animal printed on the front (lion, giraffe, monkey elefant etc) Im not sure if they were sold out side the uk

    anyone have a clue
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    I did have goodnights that looked like that, maybe they are a knock off put out by someone like rite aid or a drug chain store in your country.

    I have had rite aid good night pull ups that were just plain white, might be good for some of the larger guys the XL's were big on my skinny body.

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    I don't think they were knock offs, maybe a store brand pullup. I'm fairly sure they were not dynites

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    I cant find one because I don't know what they are called, Im working off memory

    if it helps they were big pictures and very cartoon (think learning you ABCs)

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    Ok, at first guess it sounds like a store brand version of pullups. However there was one brand sold on some sites that did have a "bear in the big blue house" design on them.

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