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Thread: Came back for my fix *twitch*

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    Default Came back for my fix *twitch*

    Well, 1 years later and I come crawling(literally) back to the DL/(T/A)B community. I can't stay off the stuff man!! Old habits die hard I guess.


    Hi, I'm Prisoner of Destiny or PoD for short (not pod as in pea pod or P.O.D., the band) and I'm a 19yro TB (that's nine-TEEN), but not any of the norm I suffer from a binge-and-purge cycle of my interest. I can never build enough confidence to overcome my regret of being DL which is reason to my retreat into absence of this wonderful community. I can go through months to years of wanting to burst out my secret in public to shame of myself and slipping into depression. Everytime I make the switch I eventually dispose of all diapers, baby things etc. losing my collection and wasting money. I don't want to this time, or ever again. I feel safe and content whenever I wear; an almost peace of mind. I don't want to have to repress this desire any longer and not worry of what others think. It's harmless and keeps me errr... sane, I guess. lol

    I doubt anyone would remember me from my brief appearances in the past, but I do come from way back before the community changed its name from I hope to make my stay here more permanent and try to maintain my confidence. I try to help out with my input on topics as best I can. I do try to be bourgeois and play on with proper etiquette, it amuses me so :3 So I hope to get along well with you all and happy posting!


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    hehe, welcome back ^-^ I think I vaguely remember you from tbdl was soo long ago though. lol. and, hey, i go through the same kinds of cycle as you...It's all part of self doubting apparently.

    Join us in irc, it's always nice to have friendly faces around. ^^

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    Well of course you came back. You're the Prisoner of Destiny . Lame, I know.

    Welcome back to the site . I used to go through the binge/purge cycle myself until I came to accept myself for my *BDLism. That self acceptance can go a long way toward ending the cycle. Hope you enjoy your return here. Feel free to stick around and hop in wherever.

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    Welcome back. I went through pretty much the exact same cycle you did (except mine lasted for about 2 years.) I'm glad to see that you're coming to accept your *BDLism and not fight it. That's exactly what I did; now I feel much better about myself and I'm sure you will feel the same way. Enjoy your time here.

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    Ah yes, I'm very sure I've seen you before Sila. I'll visit the irc soon, I just hope it's become more active from what I remember it to be.

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    The only times that it's even semi dead is in the dead hours of the night (aka now...) and even then there's a few people talking still. lol It's definitely changed since tbdl days but it's still a friendly place. x3

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    Hmmm, I semi remember you from the TBDL days. Welcome back.

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    Well I'm pretty new myself but welcome back. I go through similar bouts of 'what the hell Rae? Get yourself sorted out' so I definitely know how that feels. Only being around like minded, seemingly sane people for a few days has helped enormously though so I hope it does the same for you.

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    Welcome back, yes I do remember your name. The rest usually comes in due time.

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    One year and a half! You must have a very strong willpower PoD! I never lasted longer than a few months

    Anyway, welcome back, I remember your nick, now don't throw anything away anymore and stick with the best *BDL community ever!

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