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Thread: How tall are you?

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    Default How tall are you?

    Just wondering, haha.

    Like the title says, how tall are you? Are you comfortable with your height? Do you wish you were taller/shorter? Are you finished growing?

    I'm just curious.

    I'm 5'7"(ish), and I'm pretty happy with my height, I suppose. Sometimes I do wish I was a little shorter, but then sometimes I wish I was a little taller. idk man idk.

    (and yes, there was a thread like this but it's closed and it was more just a listing of everyone's height.)

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    I'm Five Five!

    I like being able to show my height just by holding up all my fingers

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    6' 4'' (though my driver's license says 6' 6'')

    I kinda wish I stopped a while ago, because I am constantly hitting my head on stuff at my grandparents' house (low hanging objects, stairs (the stairs to the upstairs are basically directly above the basement stairs, and leave little head room when going to the basement), tents, etc. I don't duck my head enough. And when fully stretched out, my feet overhang the bed.

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    I myself am 5'10" unfortunate for me to be a short wide receiver but am fortunate to be at least taller than this guy: (Steve Smith- 5'9")

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    I'm about 6' 2", not quite tall enough to stand out in a crowd, so i'm pretty happy with it. I think I must be about done growing, because usually before I get taller, my feet get bigger. My feet haven't gotten noticeably bigger in more than a year, so I don't predict anymore growing.

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