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    What do you need to be able to record videogame footage on a camera?

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    On a standard digital camera?

    Not entirely sure, I don't think you can.

    If memory serves, you need something called a 'Dazzle,' which most Let's Players on Youtube use...

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    If you have a digital camera with video capability then you should be able to record videos and upload them to your computer. I would just go with a dedicated video camera though.

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    The person I know who makes game reviews says he uses a "video capture card."
    Here is a picture of an external one.

    I don't know how much they cost. Like $20? It's a good deal for the quality you get from them.

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    IA NET-TOP COMPUTER is a nice way to fly. Netops are the smaller laptops that always have built in webcam and good speaker and built in mike. Download SKYPE. You are ready to Rock-n-role with free world wide V.O.I.P.(voice over internet protocol)

    Simply look at the screen. move the small laptop so you are framed up exactly the way you want. You will find the right distance to show off, what you want voyers to see.

    These striped down net tops sell for under $300 I have a levino S10e, it weighs 2lbs, has a 6 hour batt, life.

    There is also the cheap Sony high defintion "WEBBIE" tHIS fantastic toy has a great camera with 4X digital zoom. One of the higher end ones have built in WI-FI for on the run or at home Live internet video feed with full duplex audio. Your fans/mommies/daddys what ever can say nice things to you. You can give a Play by play
    of what the camera cant see.

    Hope this helps and makes you very happy to make this little fetish we all share, an even better experience!!!!! master

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