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  • Tena

    19 20.43%
  • Abena

    33 35.48%
  • Attends

    5 5.38%
  • Depend

    7 7.53%
  • Other

    45 48.39%
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Thread: Favorite diaper brand?

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    Default Favorite diaper brand?

    What is your favorite brand?

    Mine is Forma care x-plus
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    mine is abena for adult diapers. but pampers for young ones

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    I don't have a favorite. I have 30+ different diapers on hand. I wear different diapers for different situations. Just like my regular underwear, I like a variety to choose from.

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    Attends are ok.....they are what I have now

    Trying to figure out how I will hide a case of Bambino Biancos because that is what I want

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    Of those listed, Abena.

    Overall, Secure/Bambinos take the cake.

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    I voted other because I have never experienced anything other than the brands that I can find in my local supermarket (never tried Depends).

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    Wellness Brief.

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    Baby Diaper = Pampers

    Adult Diaper = Bambino > Abena X-Plus > Cushies

    I like style but it means nothing without utility!
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