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Thread: What makes you AB

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    Default What makes you AB

    My friend and I have this debate every so often. He identifies as AB and I identify as DL. I like things such as footed sleepers or just character print pajamas, baby powder and I even think designer diapers such as the new Cushies are cool and cute. Given this, when I deny being AB to my friend, he argues with me. My point is that what makes a person an AB is how they are treated rather than what items you use. I don't like using pacifiers or bottles and above all else, I have no desire to be babied, so under my theory, I am not an AB. I am wondering what you folks have to say. I am not expecting a clear answer, I do realize that lines kind of get blurred. obviously, desiring Pokemon briefs and pajamas isn't "normal" behavior for a 25 yr old, but I still deny its AB behavior. Let it begin :argue:

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    All we like different things. Then comes the question what is normal? Can you really define something that normal behavior? I think it's pretty difficult because we are all different. Do not know if you agree with me. But this is what my views out. We all have a right to be who we are. As long as you do not harm anyone else.

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    As a praticioner of Zen, I try not to get too caught up in labels. To me, labels are only useful to the extent that they are descriptive - they do NOT define who we are. If you feel DL describes you better, then you are DL - but DL is not what you are.

    And people, please do not restart the debate over what is "normal" or not. I think if you use the terms "typical" or "average" instead, we can agree that the "average" 25 year old male does not desire Pokemon underwear and diapers. But (see comments above) this is just a label too, because not a single person in the world IS the average person.

    Zen Master is now finished.

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    yes, there's a reason I put parenthesis around normal.

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    I'm the same a DL with some AB tendency's is how I describe myself, love wearing diapers at times, lover wearing sleepers all of the time, don't have any use for paci's or baby bottles.

    If I could wear a sleeper all day long I do, if I could wear a diaper all day I do that also.

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    Isnt it about how you wish to be treated? I also like printed pyjamas, diggers, cartoons etc but dont wish to be 'babied' and have always considered myself under the label of DL. But maybe im actually an AB (adult boy!) Idk, whatever....

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    I think the difference between what you are and what most "ab's" are is the actual act of regression, and getting into the head space of a 18m - 3yr old.
    But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter, just do what makes you happy

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    You are a DL. You also love footed pajamas. I know several people who love the latter.

    You don't sound like an AB. I don't think to be an AB you necessarily need the desire to be a baby, but it doesn't sound like you have any connection with that period.

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    Non AB/DL's like footie pajamas as well. And I agree with Loopy, the label is pointless at the end of the day. Just do what makes you happy and forget about the label.

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    I think the Trendy people like footed pj's just because they are Trendy.

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