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    Hey this is for peachy?
    Just wondering what you mean about "adopted users". Am pretty new to all this so is it an ab/dl term, or do actually mean adopted people.
    cheers just need to clarify.

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    Here, we adopt people so we can use their brainpower as a 100% efficient energy source to power this website. The Crinkles and Cuddles thing is just a guise.

    Actually, it's just a fun game thing we've got going on here. Not an AB/DL term at all.

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    *giggles* Cawky, it's just a little thing we have.

    I hope I'm not being cruel to anyone in saying this, but I think I helped spawn this whole adoption thing, after all, I bought up the very late idea of a babyfur forum back on TBDL.

    Basically, it first started out as "Adopt a fur", where you place a bit of text in your signature saying that you've adopted so-and-so, it's kind of like an exclusive buddy thing.

    "Adopt a user" was spawned by "Adopt a fur" because not everybody was a furry, but they still wanted to be "adopted".

    Another thing that came from "Adopt a User" was "Adopt a Newbie", this means you adopt a newcomer, show them around, give them some advice for making good contributions and generally, make friends.

    I hope this has made things slightly less confusing...

    Brainpower.. huh? I thought I was just under Lukie's control. :P
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