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Thread: Telling A Close Friend

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    Question Telling A Close Friend

    Hey there I'm just wanting any advice that anyone has on telling a close friend that they are a Furry. Any advice would be most welcomed

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    I have told almost all of my friends about my furryness. And to be honest, at my school, it's mainstream. I personally KNOW a lot of furries in my school. We have a furry club. 8D

    ^That's now

    Last year I went to a catholic school, not the same story. Lol. I kept it in til the end of the year, before coming out. (I also came out to being bisexual). But people accepted both of it. Some people WILL have a problem with it, some won't. But it's not like people wont be friends with you. It's not something drastic. Just don't make it sound like your fucking animals, which I'm sure your not.

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