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    I need some recommendations regarding sources/sites that could produce matching outfits. Do you know of a manufacturer who could take a baby outfit and reproduce it in a larger size?

    My closest friend wants me to come over, but she wants me and her other baby to have matching outfits.

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    I would suggest getting new outfits in the sizes you need made the same manufacturer this way the material and style would match.

    They are plenty of sites that do custom work to your specs, most I have seen just make stuff that is one size fits all, this is good if your large but not so good for small guys like me.

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    I've thought about that, but I am still struggling to find someone to make outfits in that size disparity. I'm 5'10", he's about 24 inches (hasn't hit his first growth spurt yet).

    I thought I'd try to find an outfit for him that someone else could use as a model to make the larger one for me.

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    Look for someone in your area who does custom sewing. There are a bunch of people out there that do it. If you can find one who is Korean (I know they do great work as I lived in Korea for 2 years), they can make an outfit just by looking at the original. All you have to do is just tell them it is for a costume party you are going to and they will be none the wiser. We had a girl that did some sewing for us when we were in Korea, and she just drew the pattern onto the material, free-hand, and it looked just like the pictures in the catalog. Wish I was back there so I could get some more stuff made!

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    The only thing I could think of is to find some fabric and have 2 outfits the same made.

    I don't think you will be able to buy anything off the shelf, other than getting matching target sleepers when they come out in the fall, I'm sure you can find an xl for yourself and a small boys for him.

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    I've gone through several stores (Target, Baby Gap) and found some adorable outfits for him. I'll start looking for seamstresses around here! Thanks for your input guys!

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    Default I have an AWSOME idea

    I could do something really unique for you. If you wish I could make you matching shortalls with snap crotches and your names on top of the bibs.

    I could do these in any cartoon or theme you like. They would be matching and way too cute.

    I cannot post my site, but if you GOOGLE- Starry Ideas, my site will come up. All my contact info is on my site.

    I've done many cartoon themes (Pooh, Thomas Train, Hello Kitty, POKEMON) and themes like Pirate, Princess, etc.

    I would like to do these for you if you wish.

    Contact me so we can chat!

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