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Thread: What kind of adult diaper pail do you prefer

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    Default What kind of adult diaper pail do you prefer

    Basically there are two kinds of adult diaper pails. the old style that is like a garbage can with a lid. the other is a diaper genie style. I prefer the old style because it leaves a nice dirty diaper smell in the room

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    I have 2 of the tall plastic ones. Cloth for one and disposables for the other.

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    I love my diaper genie though half the time i just toss the used diapers in the normal trash can. But it is so fun emptying the diaper sausage from a full one and their smell is so cute

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    as a cloth diaper user, I a diaper genie will not work well for me so I use the old style one. It does get emptied every 2 to 3 days for washing.

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    For me i just have a good old trash can with a lid on it. I would like a diaper genie but that might be a little obvious on what it is at a quick glance. I suppose the smell would be a dead give away if one were to open what i have now. Maybe i should invest in some baking soda, i heard that that works as far as odors go...

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    I don't have diaper pails. I just put used diapers in plastic bags and throw them in the main trash can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonkid View Post
    I prefer the old style because it leaves a nice dirty diaper smell in the room
    Um, ew?

    F I had a diaper pail, and I don't, because I'd much rather just bag dirty diapers and throw them in my garbage can outside before anything starts smelling, I'd rather have a diaper genie. No smell is best for me.

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    Do Diaper Genie's work with adult diapers? I might get one now...

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    Diaper Genie work ok I have 2 types and love them. First is the Diaper Dekor no twisting or turning just throwit in. The other is the Diaper Champ works well and uses regular trash bags

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