Today, I posted a survey for you to give your feedback on the wiki.

The survey was closed once we reached 100 responses.

Here are the results.

The most common answers are underlined, and summaries are in bold.

  1. How many times have you looked at the ADISC wiki?
    1. I'm on more than once a week. 6.0%
    2. I check it once a week or so. 17.0%
    3. I check it once a month or so. 25.0%
    4. I check it every few months. 21.0%
    5. I look maybe once a year. 4.0%
    6. I've looked a few times over the last few years. 13.0%
    7. I looked once, awhile after I joined. 8.0%
    8. I looked once when I joined, but not after that. 3.0%
    9. We have a wiki? 3.0%
    10. What's a wiki? 0.0%
    11. Summary: most people check the wiki every 1-3 months
  2. How often do you edit the wiki?
    1. More than once a week. 0.0%
    2. Once a week or so. 0.0%
    3. Once a month or so. 2.0%
    4. Every few months. 2.0%
    5. Once a year. 2.0%
    6. A few times over the last few years. 8.0%
    7. Just once, awhile after I joined. 8.0%
    8. Just once, soon after I joined. 1.0%
    9. I've never edited it. 65.0%
    10. I can't edit it. 0.0%
    11. I wasn't aware I COULD edit it. 12.0%
    12. We have a wiki? 0.0%
    13. What's a wiki? 0.0%
    14. Summary: most people never edit the wiki, and of those that do, many people edit a little, rather than a few editing a lot
  3. What do you like about the wiki? (top 3 answers)

    1. Helpful to newbies, contains lots of basic information
    2. Especially helpful in the categories of diaper /site reviews
    3. Reduces repeat threads
    4. Summary: the wiki is helpful, but mostly a resource for newbies
  4. What do you dislike about the wiki? (top 3 answers)
    1. Lack of content (add more)
    2. Some content is out of date (update it)
    3. Needs more diaper reviews (add more)
    4. Needs clearer organization (recategorize)
    5. Summary: the wiki has several issues to address - it needs more content (e.g: diaper reviews), to better organized, and to have its existing content reviewed
  5. Why do you think you haven't edited the wiki before?
    1. I have edited on it before. 12.0%
    2. Did not know that we had a wiki. 2.0%
    3. Did not realize I could edit/create wiki pages. 11.0%
    4. Could not figure out how to edit/create wiki pages. 1.0%
    5. Could not think of anything AB/DL/IC/etc-related to add. 41.0%
    6. Did not realize that I could add content on non-ABDL (but related) topics like computer privacy or ADISC itself. 1.0%
    7. Was concerned by a wiki policy. 0.0%
    8. Was concerned other people might edit what I wrote. 3.0%
    9. Was concerned my writing would not have my name on it. 0.0%
    10. Was concerned nobody would read my writing. 1.0%
    11. Was concerned too many people would read my writing. 1.0%
    12. Wanted other people to comment on my writing. 0.0%
    13. Other 27.0%
    14. Summary: most people don't edit the wiki because they don't feel like they have any AB/DL knowledge they can add
  6. We are considering replacing the wiki with an entirely new articles system. Under the existing wiki system, everyone can edit any article. Under the proposed new system, when one person posts an article, it is posted under their username, and only they can edit it. Other people would be able to reply with comments though, just as other people can reply with a comment on someone's forum post or blog entry. For quality control reasons, articles would not appear to other users until they were approved by an experienced editor. How would our switching to this new system affect your willingness to read articles, comment on articles, and write new articles?
    1. Question, Far Less Likely Less Likely No change More Likely Far More Likely
    2. Reading Articles 2.2% 5.4% 57.6% 32.6% 2.2%
    3. Commenting on others' articles 3.3% 4.4% 44.0% 39.6% 8.8%
    4. Writing Articles 3.4% 7.9% 58.4% 27.0% 3.4%
    5. Summary: changing from the wiki to the new system does not seem to make most people any more or less likely to do add content. Of the people who it matters to, far more seem to like the idea than dislike it.
  7. Do you like the idea of the new articles page becoming the homepage? This would mean going to the site would show you the articles page by default, instead of the forum homepage.
    1. Like it a lot 3.1% 3
    2. Like it 12.5% 12
    3. Don't mind 30.2% 29
    4. Dislike it 33.3% 32
    5. Dislike it a lot 20.8% 20
    6. Summary: the memberbase dislikes the idea of changing the homepage from the forum to the articles page
  8. What is your ADISC username?
    1. Summary: 81% answered. the people surveyed felt no need to remain anonymous
  9. If you entered your username above, I (Moo) might want to contact you (via PM) about your survey answers. For example, I might be curious as to why you selected a certain answer, or want to check I correctly understood a comment you gave. Is this OK?
    1. Yes: 81%
    2. No: 0%
    3. N/A - I did not enter my username above: 19%
    4. Summary: the people surveyed were usually open to being contacted about what they wrote
  10. Do you have any comments or questions about this survey? Note that I cannot reply to comments/questions entered here unless you enter your username in question 8, and select "Yes" for question 9.
    1. No: 86%
    2. Yes: 14%
    3. Summary: most people felt the survey was clear

In conclusion:

  1. Most members know what the wiki is, and check it every 1-3 months, but do not edit it because they do not feel they have any new AB/DL information to add.
  2. The wiki is helpful to newbies, but it needs more people submitting articles to it, old articles to be reviewed, and clearer organization, in order to be more effective.
  3. Most members don't think they'll be no more or less likely to submit articles if the wiki is replaced with the new system described. Of the ones that it does make a difference to, though, most think it will make them more likely to contribute, so overall, the community has a slightly positive reaction to the idea.
  4. If we do change to the new article system, members want to keep the forum as the homepage.

Based on this feedback, I'm likely to:

  1. Write up guides for people as to how to contribute what they know (e.g: diaper reviews), so more people feel able to contribute.
  2. Start reviewing wiki content regularly.
  3. Review the way the content is organized.
  4. Switch from the wiki to a new articles system, as described above.
  5. Keep the forum as the site homepage.